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Why Use Patient Satisfaction Surveys?

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Open discourse with patients — let them know you are tuning in.

Pick up a more precise comprehension of the patient experience.

Advance educated basic leadership by picking up factually

solid information

Can be utilized to discover hone promoters and drive made strides

online surveys for destinations like Google, Healthgrades, Vitals,

RateMDs, others

Higher repayment from payors.

What We Offer

PatientTrak’s HIPAA agreeable overview benefit takes into consideration robotized same day patient and area studying, completely altered over all features for the two suppliers and areas. Utilizing our devices you can make custom patient fulfillment overviews or utilize your CG-CAHPS and HCAHPS study configurations to get profitable patient experience criticism for your association. Create extraordinary reviews by specialist, claim to fame, gathering, area or different factors and have them sent by means of email or instant message.


Overviews Dashboard — PatientTrak’s anything but difficult to-utilize dashboards exhibit your patient input utilizing instinctive outlines and charts.

Alarms — Set-up email cautions to be advised when low evaluations or audits have been posted.

Audits/Survey Comparison — PatientTrak additionally gives an ongoing data contrasting your online surveys and your inward patient fulfillment review comes about giving you a more total photo of your patient input.

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Advocate Health Care Chooses PatientTrak for 56 Walgreens Locations

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Advocate Health Care has chosen the PatientTrak patient sign-in and tracking software for its clinics located inside 56 Walgreens stores in the greater Chicago, IL area.

Advocate is named among the nation’s Top 5 large health systems based on quality by Truven Analytics and is the largest health system in Illinois. With more than 250 sites of care, 12 acute-care hospitals, 6,300 affiliated physicians and over 35,000 associates, Advocate is one of Chicagoland’s largest employers and is recognized as one of the Top 100 Workplaces to work in Chicago.

PatientTrak is providing Advocate with a suite of cloud-based solutions and reporting tailored to their staff and patient needs including:

Patient Tracking — PatientTrak provides visibility to patient flow and status while improving staff efficiency. Using the software, the clinic staff can view all patient activities, change queue priorities and communicate clinic status.

Sign-in Kiosk — Patients use the kiosk to sign-in and establish their place in the queue. The system offers a simple assessment and gathers patient data quickly. Clinic staff can preview this information and determine acuity and adjust the queue accordingly.

Online Scheduling Integration — PatientTrak is integrated with Advocate’s online scheduling for the Walgreens locations. Local staff can see patient appointments in real-time and the system calculates and displays the current wait time based on both scheduled appointments and walk-in patients.

Wait Time Display — PatientTrak computes the real-time, patient wait time and displays this information on the kiosk, online and in the store on flat screen displays so patients know their status and when they will be seen.

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PatientTrak and Points Group Partner to Provide Enhanced Patient Satisfaction and Experience

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Florham Park, NJ, May 21, 2018 – Points Group, a leading strategy, branding and marketing company that specializes in healthcare, and PatientTrak a leader in patient satisfaction solutions, have announced a partnership between the two companies. Together, they combine the superior software capabilities of PatientTrak with Points Group’s expertise in the areas of patient experience and marketing, to deliver unmatched services to their clients.

The partnership provides a variety of services that help clients in the healthcare industry implement the leading patient feedback software, while maximizing the impact by applying best practices for a highly improved patient experience. The services include software customization, patient experience audit, process improvement, patient satisfaction survey development, reputation management and employee customer service training.

“Our two companies create a perfect synergy. For many years, we’ve been focused on helping our clients to improve their patient experience. PatientTrak’s software aligns perfectly with our consulting and marketing services in this field. Together, we are able to provide custom solutions and services unparalleled in the healthcare industry,” states Thomas Hofstetter, Managing Partner of Points Group.

“We are excited to partner with Points Group as their marketing and consultative expertise complements our software solutions and adds a new level of benefit to clients using PatientTrak.”, states James W. Hermann, CEO, PatientTrak.

The partnership is a national initiative, with exclusive rights held by Points Group in the Northeast region of the U.S. The PatientTrak software can be purchased through PatientTrak or Points Group. In addition, Points Group provides enhanced services that are bundled with the software purchase.

About Points Group

With almost two decades of experience, Points Group has evolved from a management consulting group to a nationally recognized, award-winning full-range marketing agency with a specialty in healthcare. Combining strategic thinking with tactical execution, Points Group helps companies to grow, market and improve their services, operations and customer or patient experience.

About PatientTrak

PatientTrak, is the leading cloud-based patient satisfaction platform that includes Visit Flow, Online Reputation and Patient Engagement services used by healthcare organizations to reduce wait times, build their brand, and improve patient satisfaction.

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Why Patient Satisfaction Matters Beyond Quality of Care

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Patients choose where they go for care. The number one driver for patient satisfaction is perceived wait times measured against expectations. Facilities that do not provide visibility into their patient flow cannot manage or improve it. This results in lower physician and facility online reviews, lower reimbursement, weakening of the brand and decreased new patient acquisition.

Leading healthcare providers are taking patient satisfaction seriously as patient expectations are now changing. Facilities are streamlining the registration process, measuring patient wait times from door to discharge and proactively gaining insight into the patient experience post discharge.

Technologies like allow healthcare facilities to measure and manage wait times, streamline patient flow, improve staff efficiency and manage their online reputation.

Patients register through a kiosk upon arrival allowing wait times to be measured at each step of the process. Patient tracking boards display estimated wait times and let patients know where they are in line for care.

“Sometimes it isn’t the wait time that creates anxiety. It’s no knowing how long it will be or that someone else is getting in line in front of you”

Text messaging, staff-to-staff, staff-to-patient and staff-to-family, helps caregivers communicate with patients, lower anxiety, and increase patient satisfaction. Automated appointment reminders help patients keep their appointments and arrive on time. This further helps streamline the patient experience while increasing revenue for health care providers.

“Text messaging allows patients to go get a cup of coffee or run to the gift shop while waiting, decreasing anxiety and perceived wait times”

Automating post-discharge satisfaction surveys allow providers to understand the patient experience to improve the quality of care while boosting physician and facility online reviews.

PatientTrak’s cloud-based visibility solutions including Visit Flow, Online Reputation and Patient Engagement are used by healthcare organizations across the country to reduce wait times, build their brand, and improve patient satisfaction.

– Patient Flow, Tracking, Queuing and Reporting Solutions
– Online Reputation Management – Reviews, Surveys, Profile Listing, Web Optimization
– Patient Engagement, Acquisition & Marketing, Appointment Reminders

PatientTrak has been providing visibility solutions and online reputation management tools to facilities across the country for over 13 years.

To learn more visit or contact Bruce Webster at

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WebMD is Here!

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PatientTrak now supports WebMD for reviews and profile management. We recently completed a study of normal patient search patterns to determine the most highly ranked healthcare review sites.

One of main conclusions from the study is that WebMD has emerged as one of the most important sites in the online reputation market. In 66% of searches, WebMD appears in the top five results, and has prominence in overall Google first page real estate.

In response to this new information, we have added WebMD to our software platform at no additional cost to our customers.

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Health Information Security and Privacy Policy

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Lumin Medical, LLC has adopted this Health Information Security Policy to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”), as amended by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (“HITECH Act”) (hereinafter “HIPAA”); the Department of Health and Human Services (“DHHS”) security and privacy regulations; other federal and state laws protecting confidentiality of health information, and business associate contracts that we have entered into; and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations accreditation standards, as well as our duty to protect the confidentiality and integrity of confidential medical information as required by law, professional ethics, and accreditation requirements. In addition, this Report Procedure Policy will assist Lumin Medical, LLC in fulfilling its obligation under the DHHS privacy regulations to mitigate damages caused by breach of individual privacy. All personnel of Lumin Medical, LLC must comply with this policy. Familiarity with the policy and demonstrated competence in the requirements of the policy are an important part of every Lumin Medical, LLC employee’s responsibilities.


This Health Information Security Policy is based on the following assumptions:

• A high level of accuracy and reliability of Lumin Medical, LLC’s health and business data is critical for the services that Lumin Medical, LLC provides to its clients.
• Individually identifiable health information is sensitive and confidential. Such information is protected from improper use and disclosure by HIPAA, its DHHS implementing regulations, other state and federal laws, accreditation requirements, and professional ethics.
• Loss, corruption, inaccuracy, or breach of confidentiality of such data may cause severe harm to the subject of the information, to Lumin Medical, LLC, and to its officers, agents, and employees.
• HIPAA, its implementing regulations, the HITECH Act, and good practice require Lumin Medical, LLC to perform a risk analysis for risks to the integrity and confidentiality of data that we maintain and/or transmit.
• Lumin Medical, LLC’s business operations, clients, client requirements, technology, equipment, and risks thereto, are likely to change over time.
• The Security Rule requires risk analysis defined as an accurate and thorough assessment of the potential risks and vulnerabilities to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic protected health information (“EPHI”) held by the organization.
• The Security Rule requires risk management, the implementation of security measures sufficient to reduce risks and vulnerabilities to a reasonable and appropriate level to comply with § 164.306(a). That section requires Lumin Medical, LLC to (1) ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all EPHI that the covered entity creates, receives, maintains, or transmits; (2) protect against any reasonably anticipated threats or hazards to the security or integrity of such information; (3) protect against any reasonably anticipated uses or disclosures of such information that are not permitted or required under the Privacy Rule; and (4) ensure compliance by its workforce.
• The Security Rule requires periodic review of Lumin Medical, LLC’s security measures.
• Although the Privacy Rule, which applies to all protected health information (“PHI”) regardless of form or format, does not specify a requirement for risk analysis of paper PHI or other non-EPHI information, its requirement for appropriate safeguards to protect PHI from misuse strongly implies a duty to perform risk analysis on all PHI.


• It is the policy of Lumin Medical, LLC that all personnel must preserve the integrity and the confidentiality of medical and other sensitive information pertaining to our patients. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Lumin Medical, LLC and its officers, employees, and agents have the necessary medical and other information to provide the highest quality medical care possible while protecting the confidentiality of that information to the highest degree possible so that patients do not fear to provide information to Lumin Medical, LLC and its officers, employees, and agents for purposes of treatment. To that end, Lumin Medical, LLC and its officers, employees, and agents will do the following:
o Collect and use individual medical information only for the purposes of providing medical services and for supporting the delivery, payment, integrity, and quality of those services. Lumin Medical, LLC and its officers, employees, and agents will not use or supply individual medical information for non-health care uses, such as direct marketing, employment, or credit evaluation purposes other than as authorized by the DHHS regulations in accordance with Lumin Medical, LLC’s Minimum Necessary Policy.
o Collect and use individual medical information only as follows:
 To provide proper diagnosis and treatment.
 With the individual’s knowledge and consent/authorization.
 To receive reimbursement for services provided.
 For research and similar purposes designed to improve the quality and to reduce the cost of health care.
 As a basis for required reporting of health information.
o Recognize that medical information collected about patients must be accurate, timely, complete, and available when needed. Lumin Medical, LLC and its officers, employees, and agents will do the following:
 Use their best efforts to ensure the accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of data and to ensure that authorized personnel can access it when needed.
 Complete and authenticate medical records in accordance with the law, medical ethics, and accreditation standards.
 Maintain medical records for the retention periods required by law and professional standards as specified in Lumin Medical, LLC’s retention policy.
 Not alter or destroy an entry in a record, but rather designate it as an error while leaving the original entry intact and create and maintain a new entry showing the correct data.
 Implement reasonable measures to protect the integrity of all data maintained about patients.
o Recognize that patients have a right of privacy. Lumin Medical, LLC and its officers, employees, and agents will respect patients’ individual dignity at all times. Lumin Medical, LLC and its officers, employees, and agents will respect patients’ privacy to the extent consistent with providing the highest quality medical care possible and with the efficient administration of the organization.
o Act as responsible information stewards and treat all individual medical record data and related financial, demographic, and lifestyle information as sensitive and confidential. Consequently, Lumin Medical, LLC and its officers, employees, and agents will do the following:
 Treat all individual medical record data, protected health information (“PHI”) as confidential in accordance with the DHHS privacy regulations, other legal requirements, professional ethics, and accreditation standards.
 Only use or disclose the minimum necessary health information to accomplish the particular task for which the information is used or disclosed in accordance with Lumin Medical, LLC’s Minimum Necessary Policy.
 Not divulge medical record data unless the patient (or his or her authorized representative) has properly consented to the release or the release is otherwise authorized by the privacy regulations and/or other law, such as communicable disease reporting, child abuse reporting, and the like.
 When releasing medical record data, take appropriate steps to prevent unauthorized redisclosures, such as specifying that the recipient may not further disclose the information without patient consent or as authorized by law.
 Implement reasonable and appropriate measures to protect the integrity and confidentiality of medical and other information maintained about patients after performing a risk analysis in accordance with Lumin Medical, LLC’s Risk Analysis Policy and update such security measures when necessary.
 Remove patient identifiers when appropriate, such as in statistical reporting and in medical research studies.
 Not disclose financial or other patient information except as necessary for billing or other authorized purposes as authorized by the privacy regulations, other laws, and professional standards.
 Recognize that some medical information is particularly sensitive, such as HIV/AIDS information, mental health and developmental disability information, alcohol and drug abuse information, and other information about sexually transmitted or communicable diseases and that disclosure of such information could severely harm patients, such as by causing loss of employment opportunities and insurance coverage, as well as the pain of social stigma. Consequently, Lumin Medical, LLC and its officers, employees, and agents will treat such information with additional confidentiality protections as required by law, professional ethics, and accreditation requirements.
• The Security Officer and the Privacy Officer are responsible for managing HIPAA compliance in accordance with HIPAA, this policy, other relevant polices, and guidance from senior management.
• The Company President will ensure that HIPAA compliance in accordance with this policy is a priority for Lumin Medical, LLC.


All officers, agents, and employees of Lumin Medical, LLC must adhere to this policy, and all supervisors are responsible for enforcing this policy. Lumin Medical, LLC will not tolerate violations of this policy. Violation of this policy is grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment and criminal or professional sanctions in accordance with Lumin Medical, LLC’s medical information sanction policy and personnel rules and regulations.

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Dayton Children’s Hospital Chooses PatientTrak for Text Messaging

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Dayton Children’s Hospital in Dayton, OH, the region’s largest facility dedicated to pediatric medicine,

has selected the PatientTrak text messaging system to communicate status information to parents and caregivers. Dayton is running the system from four different locations and sending text messages to direct patient families to the correct areas for healthcare services.
Dayton Children’s is a 155 bed facility and one of only 46 freestanding children’s hospitals in the country.

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