Healthgrades Policy Change

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As of October 1, 2017, Healthgrades will no longer permit health care entities to assign 3rd Party Administrators as a provision of their Data Licensing Agreements with Healthgrades, nor allow said 3rd Parties to manage provider profiles on

This means that going forward, doctors and their practices (healthcare entities) will have to manage their profiles and respond to reviews directly with Healthgrades. We (3rd Party Administrator) will no longer be allowed to provide this service to you our clients.

The only exception to this new policy is if you become a Healthgrades Premium client. Should you choose to become a Healthgrades Premium client, PatientTRak could continue as your 3rd party administrator.

Please note that this change is a result in a change in Healthgrades policy not ours. Please contact your Account Manager for more information on Healthgrades Premium.

We recommend that you claim and manage your Healthgrades profiles as this will allow you to maintain their accuracy going forward. Claiming and managing them yourself will not cost you any additional fee.

Lumin Medical/PatientTrak will continue to provide profile listing management for: Google, Bing, Apple Maps, Vitals, Yahoo, Web MD, UCompareHealth and RateMD’s.
Please contact us with any questions as we are here to help guide you through this Healthgrades policy change.

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Web Check In & Display Wait Time – PatientTrak

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Long waiting times can lead to dissatisfied patients and lost revenue. Using the PatientTrak Web Check-In solution, your patients can view the current wait time at your facility. Patients can check-in right from your website and get into the waiting queue while remaining in the comfort of their home. Patients go to your website, view the waiting time and can check-in before coming to the facility.

Staff can monitor patient demand levels and even send text messages to patients alerting them that it is time to come into the facility.

Multiple Urgent Care Facilities – Steer Patients to the Facility with the Shortest Wait Time
Providing wait times right on your website allows patients to choose which of your urgent care centers they want to go to based on wait time. Patients are more likely to use facilities with shorter wait times which leads to greater patient satisfaction and more balanced staff loading for you as the provider.

Text Messaging Patients – Let Patients Know You are Ready for Themipad image
When patients check-in from home and provide a mobile phone number, staff can send them a text message to let them know when it’s time to come into the facility. This simple and convenient communication solution will increase patient satisfaction and make you a preferred provider.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

High patient satisfaction is a critical to your success as a healthcare provider. Using PatientTrak Urgent Care Waiting Solutions is a cost effective way to improve patient satisfaction while improving flow and increasing staff efficiency.

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Beginners guide to review site benchmarking

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There are so many ways on how online companies and other businesses can get exposure online. Especially, when it comes to hospitals and physicians.

One way on how you can get the right exposure is by making use of site benchmarking. But, because there are still people that don’t know what this is all about, they are not making use of this method, and they don’t see the necessity about this system. The more information and knowledge you are going to get about this system, the better you will understand on why this is something that you should consider, if you have a business that needs exposure. This is a beginner’s guide to this, so that you can understand this a lot better.

What is site benchmarking?

For most people, this might be something that they don’t understand. Not many people are using these terms and it can be frustrating to know that your competitors might use the site benchmarking marketing strategy, but you don’t even know what this is.

This is where you can get compared with your competitors, so that your clients or customers can see why they should use your service instead of your client’s services. This is something that all companies can do and if you have the right features and affordable fees, then you have the best chance to prove that your business is best to choose. This is actually a place where you can make sure that your company is able to be compared with other, similar companies. A great marketing strategy.

The benefits of making use of this system

There are many benefits that you need to know about this review site management service that they have to offer their clients. Benefits that will ensure that your company is going to get the best possible exposure to ensure that clients are able to choose your company instead of your competitor.

Your business will be next to other similar businesses and it is going to be compared by them. If you have the right service, reviews and the best quality service or product, it will show up with the comparison and potential clients will be able to see that your business is the most recommended.

It is also making sure that the name of your business is out there, on the Internet, next to your competitors. Many might think that this isn’t a great idea, but what better way to show that your business is just as good, if not even better, than the competitors.
If you see that the other companies are offering a better package or product, it will be a great thing for you, because then you can change your business, so that you are becoming a better option than your competitors. Making it possible to see where your business can be improved for more success.

Things that you should consider before making use of this system

There are a couple of things that you should consider before you can start making use of the site benchmarking system. The success depends on the quality of the site that you have and the features and quality service that you are providing. So, you should make sure that your business is going to be the better option with the best results when your business is next to your competitors.

The other thing that you should consider, is that there are different companies that are offering this type of review site management. It is important to make sure that you are going to choose the company that are ranked the highest and that are offering the best service for money. The more popular the company that you are using, the better results you are going to have, and the more successful your business will become.

When it comes to site benchmarking, it is important to make sure that you are understanding this concept so that you can know the importance of considering this marketing strategy. There are so many businesses that are making use of this type of system, that it can be damaging to your business if you don’t consider this system as well. This is a great way to ensure that your business is standing next to the competitors and to be compared to proof that your business might be the better option for clients or customers.

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What physicians need to know about the patient tracking software

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There are still many practices and physicians that don’t make use of the Internet and reviews to ensure that their patients are satisfied and that new patients are aware about the service that they can expect from the practice. This can make it harder to run a practice and to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

This is why physicians and hospitals need to make sure that they are going to consider making use of the patient tracking software and the review management software. This is the only way that you as the doctor can make sure that all patients are satisfied and that your practice is growing. Here are a couple of things that you should consider, and know about this type of software, so that you can see the importance of using it.

The importance of using the software


The most important thing of having this software and making sure that the patients are writing the reviews is for improving patient satisfaction and to make sure that your practice is growing as much as possible.

Most physicians think that it is just another way of a company making money, but there are really some important reasons why this software should be considered. The Internet is growing and is getting better and better and more people are using the Internet to purchase a product or to find a service. And, if you don’t make use of this software, the changes that your practice will grow is slim. Other practices that are using the Internet will be growing and becoming more and more successful.

Will negative reviews hurt the practice?

One of the reasons why doctors don’t really want to make use of this type of software, is because they are afraid that any negative reviews will hurt the practice and will ensure that new patients don’t come to the practice.

However, this isn’t the truth. One negative review will not prevent patients from coming. You will know what the practice is doing wrong and by improving that, you are going to improve patient satisfaction. And, this will ensure a successful practice.

What you need to do with the information that you are getting from reading the review

By just purchasing and installing the software, you aren’t done with reviews and information patients are writing on the site using the patient tracking software. There are many things that you need to do with these reviews.

First of all, you need to read the reviews and make sure that you are going to know if there are any negative comments. You should also answer any questions that patients might have asked, using the software. And, if there are any negative comments, you need to make sure that you are going to make that mistakes right and that you are increasing the satisfaction of your patients. It will not really help when you have the review software, but you aren’t reading it or make the changes to the practice and the service you are delivering.

Benefits of using the best patient tracking and review software

There are more benefits in using the software than just having the best chance to improve patient satisfaction. If you are doing a bit more research, you will find that there are many reasons and benefits about using this software that will ensure that your practice and service is going to improve. It will also mean that patients will get to know your practice, even before they have visited it for the first time.

This will also make sure that you can improve the problems that patients might have to report on the site, so that you can ensure that the satisfaction of the patients are improving and that you are getting more positive reviews.

A physician’s practice is just like a normal business. You need to make use of reviews in order to grow and to become more successful. There are many things that you need to know about the software, so that you can know which software to choose and why you should read the reviews to ensure that the software is really successful. It is important to ensure that you are improving patient satisfaction, if you want to have a practice that is growing and that are well known in town.

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Patient reviews of doctors : Guide for patients

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It is important for doctors to know what type of reviews their patients are going to give them. And, they are using some of the best software to ensure that this is getting done. However, in order to let this software work correctly, you as the patient needs to be able to write the reviews correctly.

This is why you need to know as much about patient reviews of doctors as possible, so that you can ensure that your doctor is getting the right type of review. Even, if you weren’t satisfied with his service, and you want to warn other people about the service you’ve got. Here are a guide for patients on how to use the patient review software correctly, and other information that might come in handy:

How does this software work?

There are many patients that don’t use the physician review management software, because they don’t really know how it works and why they should use it to review their doctors or the hospital.

The software is basic and you will not have any problems using it. The patient is just going online and get to doctor’s website. There you will find the review software that you are going to use to rate and to write a review about. The review doesn’t need to be just a positive review. Anything that might have bothered you can be written.
Managing patient flow is essential to patient satisfaction. PatientTrak offers patient flow solutions which may be employed in any attention setting desperate to manage the patient flow method. Our solutions ar wont to visual flow, determine bottlenecks and facilitate facilities improve patient flow. From single supplier practices to massive hospital teams, to multi-facility attention organizations, our systems ar each reasonable and ascendable.

Health Clinic, Outpatient, and Hospital Unit Patient trailing System – Import appointments from your planning system and track user outlined “activities”, like arrival time to treatment time, as an example. Manage area usage by characteristic those rooms that ar under/over utilised. Set manual or automatic alerts and generate custom reports for analysis of patient flow. commonplace reports embrace Average Wait & Treatment Times, Peak Times by space, Time Between Activities, and more.

The importance of using this software to review doctors and practices

There are many reasons why patients should write patient reviews of doctors. This is more than just to let other people know what you are thinking about the doctor, and your overall experience at the practice.

For starters, it is giving the doctor an idea what their patients are thinking and feeling about the practice, so that they can make improvements. They are also not normally knowing what is going on in the waiting area and if the staff is treating their patients correctly. The only way that they can make improvements, is if they are aware about what is going on and how patients are feeling.

What you are going to get from writing doctor’s reviews

There are a couple of things that you are going to get from writing reviews on physician review management software. The first thing is that you are going to be making sure that other patients are aware about the service you have gotten from the practice and from the doctor.
This will make it easier for them to decide whether they are going to use the practice or not. And, this will also make sure that if you are going to change doctors, which you are going to find a doctor and practice that are going to be a high quality doctor.

Are the reviews correct and honest?

There are many sites that we know is paying people to write positive reviews, and where just about anything is recommended. However, this isn’t the same with when you are using this software for writing patient reviews of doctors.

If you are looking for a new doctor to go to, you don’t need to be worried that the reviews have been bought and that the positive reviews were paid for. This isn’t how this software works, and the doctors or even hospitals can’t pay anyone to write these reviews. Making this review honest is reliable. This is also why you need to make sure that you are going to write honest reviews about the doctor and practice. The software will only work if the reviews are honest and truthful. Even, if there are a couple of things that you are not satisfied with.

Many patients don’t really like writing reviews, but before you say that you aren’t going to write a review of the practice and doctor you are using, you should think a bit. If you let the doctor know what is bothering you, he can change it and improve his practice. And, you are going to let other patients know if you are going to recommend the practice and doctor to other, new patients. This is really essential to consider using the physician review management software to write the reviews, if you are a patient. There are many other patients that will benefit from it.

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Health Information Security and Privacy Policy

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Lumin Medical, LLC has adopted this Health Information Security Policy to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”), as amended by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (“HITECH Act”) (hereinafter “HIPAA”); the Department of Health and Human Services (“DHHS”) security and privacy regulations; other federal and state laws protecting confidentiality of health information, and business associate contracts that we have entered into; and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations accreditation standards, as well as our duty to protect the confidentiality and integrity of confidential medical information as required by law, professional ethics, and accreditation requirements. In addition, this Report Procedure Policy will assist Lumin Medical, LLC in fulfilling its obligation under the DHHS privacy regulations to mitigate damages caused by breach of individual privacy. All personnel of Lumin Medical, LLC must comply with this policy. Familiarity with the policy and demonstrated competence in the requirements of the policy are an important part of every Lumin Medical, LLC employee’s responsibilities.


This Health Information Security Policy is based on the following assumptions:

• A high level of accuracy and reliability of Lumin Medical, LLC’s health and business data is critical for the services that Lumin Medical, LLC provides to its clients.
• Individually identifiable health information is sensitive and confidential. Such information is protected from improper use and disclosure by HIPAA, its DHHS implementing regulations, other state and federal laws, accreditation requirements, and professional ethics.
• Loss, corruption, inaccuracy, or breach of confidentiality of such data may cause severe harm to the subject of the information, to Lumin Medical, LLC, and to its officers, agents, and employees.
• HIPAA, its implementing regulations, the HITECH Act, and good practice require Lumin Medical, LLC to perform a risk analysis for risks to the integrity and confidentiality of data that we maintain and/or transmit.
• Lumin Medical, LLC’s business operations, clients, client requirements, technology, equipment, and risks thereto, are likely to change over time.
• The Security Rule requires risk analysis defined as an accurate and thorough assessment of the potential risks and vulnerabilities to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic protected health information (“EPHI”) held by the organization.
• The Security Rule requires risk management, the implementation of security measures sufficient to reduce risks and vulnerabilities to a reasonable and appropriate level to comply with § 164.306(a). That section requires Lumin Medical, LLC to (1) ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all EPHI that the covered entity creates, receives, maintains, or transmits; (2) protect against any reasonably anticipated threats or hazards to the security or integrity of such information; (3) protect against any reasonably anticipated uses or disclosures of such information that are not permitted or required under the Privacy Rule; and (4) ensure compliance by its workforce.
• The Security Rule requires periodic review of Lumin Medical, LLC’s security measures.
• Although the Privacy Rule, which applies to all protected health information (“PHI”) regardless of form or format, does not specify a requirement for risk analysis of paper PHI or other non-EPHI information, its requirement for appropriate safeguards to protect PHI from misuse strongly implies a duty to perform risk analysis on all PHI.


• It is the policy of Lumin Medical, LLC that all personnel must preserve the integrity and the confidentiality of medical and other sensitive information pertaining to our patients. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Lumin Medical, LLC and its officers, employees, and agents have the necessary medical and other information to provide the highest quality medical care possible while protecting the confidentiality of that information to the highest degree possible so that patients do not fear to provide information to Lumin Medical, LLC and its officers, employees, and agents for purposes of treatment. To that end, Lumin Medical, LLC and its officers, employees, and agents will do the following:
o Collect and use individual medical information only for the purposes of providing medical services and for supporting the delivery, payment, integrity, and quality of those services. Lumin Medical, LLC and its officers, employees, and agents will not use or supply individual medical information for non-health care uses, such as direct marketing, employment, or credit evaluation purposes other than as authorized by the DHHS regulations in accordance with Lumin Medical, LLC’s Minimum Necessary Policy.
o Collect and use individual medical information only as follows:
 To provide proper diagnosis and treatment.
 With the individual’s knowledge and consent/authorization.
 To receive reimbursement for services provided.
 For research and similar purposes designed to improve the quality and to reduce the cost of health care.
 As a basis for required reporting of health information.
o Recognize that medical information collected about patients must be accurate, timely, complete, and available when needed. Lumin Medical, LLC and its officers, employees, and agents will do the following:
 Use their best efforts to ensure the accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of data and to ensure that authorized personnel can access it when needed.
 Complete and authenticate medical records in accordance with the law, medical ethics, and accreditation standards.
 Maintain medical records for the retention periods required by law and professional standards as specified in Lumin Medical, LLC’s retention policy.
 Not alter or destroy an entry in a record, but rather designate it as an error while leaving the original entry intact and create and maintain a new entry showing the correct data.
 Implement reasonable measures to protect the integrity of all data maintained about patients.
o Recognize that patients have a right of privacy. Lumin Medical, LLC and its officers, employees, and agents will respect patients’ individual dignity at all times. Lumin Medical, LLC and its officers, employees, and agents will respect patients’ privacy to the extent consistent with providing the highest quality medical care possible and with the efficient administration of the organization.
o Act as responsible information stewards and treat all individual medical record data and related financial, demographic, and lifestyle information as sensitive and confidential. Consequently, Lumin Medical, LLC and its officers, employees, and agents will do the following:
 Treat all individual medical record data, protected health information (“PHI”) as confidential in accordance with the DHHS privacy regulations, other legal requirements, professional ethics, and accreditation standards.
 Only use or disclose the minimum necessary health information to accomplish the particular task for which the information is used or disclosed in accordance with Lumin Medical, LLC’s Minimum Necessary Policy.
 Not divulge medical record data unless the patient (or his or her authorized representative) has properly consented to the release or the release is otherwise authorized by the privacy regulations and/or other law, such as communicable disease reporting, child abuse reporting, and the like.
 When releasing medical record data, take appropriate steps to prevent unauthorized redisclosures, such as specifying that the recipient may not further disclose the information without patient consent or as authorized by law.
 Implement reasonable and appropriate measures to protect the integrity and confidentiality of medical and other information maintained about patients after performing a risk analysis in accordance with Lumin Medical, LLC’s Risk Analysis Policy and update such security measures when necessary.
 Remove patient identifiers when appropriate, such as in statistical reporting and in medical research studies.
 Not disclose financial or other patient information except as necessary for billing or other authorized purposes as authorized by the privacy regulations, other laws, and professional standards.
 Recognize that some medical information is particularly sensitive, such as HIV/AIDS information, mental health and developmental disability information, alcohol and drug abuse information, and other information about sexually transmitted or communicable diseases and that disclosure of such information could severely harm patients, such as by causing loss of employment opportunities and insurance coverage, as well as the pain of social stigma. Consequently, Lumin Medical, LLC and its officers, employees, and agents will treat such information with additional confidentiality protections as required by law, professional ethics, and accreditation requirements.
• The Security Officer and the Privacy Officer are responsible for managing HIPAA compliance in accordance with HIPAA, this policy, other relevant polices, and guidance from senior management.
• The Company President will ensure that HIPAA compliance in accordance with this policy is a priority for Lumin Medical, LLC.


All officers, agents, and employees of Lumin Medical, LLC must adhere to this policy, and all supervisors are responsible for enforcing this policy. Lumin Medical, LLC will not tolerate violations of this policy. Violation of this policy is grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment and criminal or professional sanctions in accordance with Lumin Medical, LLC’s medical information sanction policy and personnel rules and regulations.

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Dayton Children’s Hospital Chooses PatientTrak for Text Messaging

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Dayton Children’s Hospital in Dayton, OH, the region’s largest facility dedicated to pediatric medicine,

has selected the PatientTrak text messaging system to communicate status information to parents and caregivers. Dayton is running the system from four different locations and sending text messages to direct patient families to the correct areas for healthcare services.
Dayton Children’s is a 155 bed facility and one of only 46 freestanding children’s hospitals in the country.

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