How to improve health care satisfaction within patients

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Even when we were not born, we felt safe in our mother’s womb. Once we have been born, we have always wanted to feel safe and to trust people that are around us. Since you were a child you were trying to find your best environment and the people to whom you can trust totally.What has changed since you become an adult? Literally, nothing, when we are talking about safety. Do you feel safe in nowadays world or are you frightened? People mostly worry about their health, because that is the best value a human being can have. Once you lose your health you have nothing. That is why the humanity wanted to make some better ways in which people would find their perfect care provider.

Patient satisfaction surveys are the best thing that can happen in the healthcare industry. It will make a huge difference when it comes to trust between patients and medical staff. The doctors are at the highest point of interest when it comes to patient satisfaction. They choose them very wisely. But, how can someone know how to choose the right doctor, if that person, for example, has just moved to another city? It can be easily found out through these surveys. Medical companies and hospitals also want to know about the opinions of their work. For example, there may be a great team of medical staff, but someone may not do his or her job right. For that case, it can be easily found through these surveys.

Collecting the feedbacks from patient feedback survey is another task that comes after interviewing people. It is so valuable to do a great research on this feedback because they will show exactly what doesn’t function as it should function. Also, there may be some personal problems with some medical staff or even doctors and
patients which need to be relieved. It literally sheds the light on the most important areas in the practices’ methodologies but also the processes in which patients were happy, or maybe felt stuck or frustrated. People don’t want to have fear when it comes to trust to their medical provider. But, yet, if you take a better look, no one is still exactly sure if he or she is putting his or her life in someone else’s hands. Can this be changed by evaluating these feedbacks? There is a great chance that such an experiment will give huge results. Patient satisfaction also doesn’t have to be confused with their happiness. Some doctors may be friendly and talkative,but they maybe don’t think about the best solution for every single patient they meet. Maybe they don’t even explain what are the treatments and a person later finds itself in some uncomfortable and unpredicted situation which later leads to trauma. How can such a person regain trust again?

Patient survey companies are working on these surveys day and night. They are well aware that there is nothing more important than human’s health. It is not the same if you sell shoes and if you offer some medical treatments. People need to realize how much responsibility are they taking when it comes to another human being. Would they act the same if they treated one of their family members? I don’t think so. But, I don’t like to think about that. Such energy should be better spent on something valuable which can bring more results and that could make our future to be better. Everyone wants to feel safe like once in their mother’s womb. But, here we are. All alone and left alone to some strangers, trying to believe that everything they do is completely perfect. We believe that doctors are full of knowledge. If you have graduated from some University, then you can remember that you don’t know all the stuff that you have learned there, right? That is why these companies want to know more about doctors and medical staff practice. It is all there. The behaviours, the possibility to feel that every person is not the same and that most of the people need a different kind of treatment. All in all, this can lead to a much brighter future for our children, and of course, for us.

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Florida Cancer Specialists Selects PatientTrak Online Reputation Management

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Founded in 1984, Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute (FCS) is the largest independent medical oncology/hematology practice in the United States. With over 200 physicians, 160 nurse practitioners and physician assistants and nearly 100 locations in their network, they are committed to providing world-class cancer care in community-based settings close to home.

FCS serves patients on the Gulf Coast from Naples to the greater Tampa Bay area, north as far as Tallahassee, in Orlando and surrounding Central Florida communities, and on the East Coast from Daytona/Palm Coast to Palm Beach County.

Florida Cancer Specialists has built a national reputation for excellence that is reflected in exceptional and compassionate patient care, driven by innovative clinical research and cutting-edge technologies that help advance targeted treatments and genetically-based immunotherapies, and embodied by their outstanding team of highly-trained and dedicated physicians, clinicians and staff.

See them at:

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Why do you need to learn the importance of the healthcare online reputation management?

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Sometimes, when you think about much little attention we put when it comes to our own health, you will be surprised. People mostly think just about their earnings, bank accounts, houses, and cars, or they stop carrying about themselves once they get children. I saw that so many times and I couldn’t stay calm and not to ask myself:”How someone thinks he or she cares about his/her youngsters when they don’t take care of they own personal health?” You know, your children need you healthy and alive as long as possible.

Here, we will talk about medical online reputation management and why is it so important. What comes first to your mind when you are trying to find the health provider which will suit the best for all of your needs? You probably talk to your friends, relatives, and family to seek an advice. You don’t want to pay to someone who treats you well and of course to someone who won’t be able to help you, right? Absolutely, who would want something like that? Well, most of the people learn it all from their own experience, most of the times on the bad one. What they do then? Go to the next health provider hoping that this time everything will go fine. The good thing is that these online reputations gained attention around the globe, and the percent of people that use them is almost above sixty. I am glad to hear that. The more people start to review the medical and health care they have experienced, the better the future will become. Do you agree?

What happens here is that people leave the doctor rating reviews. From such reviews, everyone can find a person who would fit its needs. The healthcare becomes very expensive nowadays and everyone needs to be aware of whom they are giving their life in hands. If you are frightened about so many bad stories coming from the hospitals, I would advise you to turn it all around and to search for the best doctors and all that just by searching for the ratings online. Of course, the most important thing here is that you also need to be an active candidate who will take its part with a purpose to make our global healthcare better. It is all in our hands, and no one else can’t change anything if we don’t unite together!

When it comes to physician online reputation management, it is easy to understand that their reputation also goes two ways. They will have their reputation visible online, but they will also have it in-person. As we all know, there doesn’t exist a person on this planet which would be perfect for everyone. So, that is why such management was created. It needs to show the concrete and well-described situation from the real and various groups and individuals of patients who were treated from the different doctors, hospitals and also physicians. What comes to someone’s mind when he or she reads the online review? They can become sad, because they may think they did all that could, or they can learn from it. If they don’t learn from it, they will lose their patients which is of course not in their interest. So yes, you will encourage someone to get better and also to work on its behavior, education and you name it. Anything that can hurt someone’s identity will be considered very important. Do you want to be treated as you should? Then, leave your feedback because you know that the internet never forgets. Something that is written on a paper can be deleted or burnt, but once you leave your information on the internet, there is no way back. In that case, people will be more aware of their behavior and professionality. Also, social media will always be the link-chain which will spread such information from one person to the another. If you haven’t known, there are literally more than 6,000 online physician rating sites today. If you leave your ratings at least in ten of them, imagine how much information the people around the globe will get. Everything will get better this way! If you don’t want to see people dying because of the wrong diagnosis or a person who suffers in pain and no one helps it, then take your role in this event and help yourself and everyone around you! Also, help the doctors to become the better persons in various ways!

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A Road Towards Quality Improvement

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When you are thinking about health quality improvement, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Better education for the future doctors? More budget which would be arranged in a way which would increase the quality of the healthcare? Well, it may be. All those things are very important when we are talking about the most important thing in life-health.

But, there is one more thing you have probably forgotten about, or it just didn’t come into your mind. Patient satisfaction surveys! This great tool for quality improvement has been neglected for so many years, or better to say decades. Since the last two decades, people realized the importance of such an invention. What caused it to become popular and appreciated? It may be the internet, social media, human’s dissatisfaction with their previous experiences with healthcare or something else. You will recognize your reason. It was very hard to recognize the gaps in the healthcare work because there weren’t many people who talked about it. You know how that story goes… One person has a bad experience with some doctor or a specialist for some kind, and he/she tells it to his/her friend etc. Nowadays, when such surveys exist, people can easily decide which way to go. They can find their perfect doctor, someone who will understand them, and the best of it, the whole thing with the healthcare institution will level up! No mistakes could be tolerated with such monitoring. Also, my personal opinion is that the employees would better treat their patients and also care about their rate. Everyone wants to be good rated and of course to keep their patients.

Patient feedback surveys had literally changed the way of work of the healthcare providers. Today, they know their gaps and mistakes and they are trying their best to fix them. When I think about myself or my family, I wouldn’t risk going to a doctor which is low rated. You know the fact, there is only one thing where you shouldn’t try to save money and it is your body. When you are not feeling well, nothing will make you happy. There doesn’t exist such an amount of money which can buy someone’s health. So, take care of yourself and of your loved ones. Be patient and have enough time to review the doctors, clinics or you name it… It will make a huge difference and it will matter to everyone. To the healthcare itself and also to people who need different kinds of treatments. Nowadays, such surveys can be done online so you do not have an excuse for not doing them. It is only a few minutes. Share your experience and story, and it doesn’t matter if it was good or a bad one (I really hope it was a good one), and you will help people to find their perfect specialist! Also, you will help that specialist to know how to work on herself/himself to improve.

Healthcare patient satisfaction needs to be of a great importance. The World Wide Web is full of disturbing stories which are coming from the different areas of the world. People are terrified how they have been treated and also some of them are claiming to be asked for a bribe if they wanted to be treated. Those are not the things we need to be silent about! Also, think about some young doctors who are perfect in their careers, but they just don’t have enough work experience to be heard about. Talk about them, rate them, and you will help both them, yourself and everyone else who needs such a service! We humans, work like engines. When the engine stops working, we start to panic and worry. How do we behave with our car for example? More gently than with our own health. That is very sad, actually. Take a minute and think about it. You won’t need any more time to realize that there doesn’t exist a thing which is more important than your health! So, yes, you can make a huge difference in the world by taking your place in those surveys! Stay kind to your body and it will reward you the same! Stay kind to the gentle people who deserved it, and the same thing will happen!

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Improving Patient flow with using software

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The one thing that we all hate, when we are going to a medical facility is the wait. It can take forever to get to see the doctor or to get the medical procedure done. Especially, in doctor practices.

However, for most medical facilities there are a solution to ensure that your patients are satisfied and not waiting for hours. This is known as the patient flow software. This software is ensuring that patients knows how busy the facility is and how long they are going to wait to get assistance. There are some other benefits also that your facility can have, when you are making use of this type of software. These are some of the reasons on how this software can improve patient flow:

Be able to see when your procedure is and get reminders

The facility will be operating a lot better with the patient flow management software. This is because patients will be able to see when their procedure is and when they need to sign in for the procedure.

It is also sending reminders to the patients for the time that they are booked for the specific procedure so that the patient doesn’t get the time wrong or forget about the appointment.

Patients will know the waiting time and how behind the facility is for the day

Sometimes a waiting room of a practice can be over crowed. This might be because the doctor had an emergency and is behind schedule. With using the software, the practice will be able to improving patient flow. This is because patients will be able to see that they are behind schedule. And, that their appointments were moved with an hour or so.

This means that the waiting room will not be crowded anymore and there will not be any inpatients patients waiting to see the doctor.

Register patients easier and more efficiently

Registering a new patient can take up a lot of time. Especially, if the facility is busy and there isn’t time for sitting and filling in forms.

When the facility is making use of the patient flow analysis software, it will be a lot easier to register patients and to do this more efficiently. Cutting the workload of the personnel in half.

Will be able to handle patients faster and will have less phone calls

If your medical facility is making use of the best and highest quality patient flow software, your personnel will be able to handle patients a lot faster and there will be less phone calls. There will be less phone calls because they can see online when the doctor is available and they will be able to make their bookings online.

There is even software that are sending out reminders if medication has arrived at the practice, for those that are using chronic medication. Patients will be able to book their appointments online and they will be able to see what type of procedures can be done at the facility. They will also be able to see if this is the right type of medical facility that they are considering going to.

Patients will be able to lay complaints with this software

With the best patient flow management tool, your patients are able to lay any complaints that need immediate attention. This way, you will know where to improve with the facility so that patients are more satisfied and that the facility has the best chance of growing and becoming successful.

You might not really know what the patients are thinking about the facility and if there are somethings that they want to chance at the facility. With this software, you will know exactly what the patients are thinking and will know if there is anything that needs to be changed.

patient flow analysis is essential if you want to have a medical facility that are known as the best facility that are running smoothly and where the waiting area isn’t always packed. There are so many medical facilities that doesn’t use this software yet, and their patients aren’t able to know what is going on at the facility, and how behind schedule they might be for the day. They will also not be able to make any appointments or getting reminders about the appointment that they might have.

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WebMD is Here!

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PatientTrak now supports WebMD for reviews and profile management. We recently completed a study of normal patient search patterns to determine the most highly ranked healthcare review sites.

One of main conclusions from the study is that WebMD has emerged as one of the most important sites in the online reputation market. In 66% of searches, WebMD appears in the top five results, and has prominence in overall Google first page real estate.

In response to this new information, we have added WebMD to our software platform at no additional cost to our customers.

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NEW Online Reputation Management Study From PatientTrak

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As a leader in patient satisfaction and online reputation management for healthcare, PatientTrak conducted a study using its own database and uncovered a wealth of review and search engine information. We offer this information so that healthcare providers can optimize their online reputation management spend and focus on the best sites.


Using the vast PatientTrak data set, our researchers analyzed all of the reviews data and conducted a study using normal patient search patterns. The results show that PatientTrak is the clear leader in healthcare online reputation management, focusing on the most relevant sites that drive over 95% of all healthcare reviews.


  • captures 95% of all healthcare reviews
  • incorporates data from 100% of the top healthcare review sites
  • manages physician and location profile information and review data on 100% of the leading healthcare sites: Google, Healthgrades, Vitals, WebMD, RateMDs, UCompare Health, YP and Yelp


As practices and healthcare providers strive to improve patient satisfaction, they must collect the right information from the best sources and sites. With limited budgets and resources, digital marketers must focus on the sites that matter most. PatientTrak has applied our decades of healthcare software solution experience to offer a reputation management platform built on the most important healthcare sites.

Reviews data is from the November 2017 Lumin Medical LLC/PatientTrak study and is based on sites presented in Google first page results.

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