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Women’s Care Florida chooses PatientTrak!

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We are pleased to announce that Women’s Care Florida as selected PatientTrak as its provider of online healthcare reputation management.

Women’s Care Florida (WCF) is a specialty women’s health physician group offering patient care in obstetrics and gynecology, gynecologic oncology, urogynecology, gynecologic pathology, breast surgery and genetic counseling. WCF has more than 200 healthcare providers that care for more than 350,000 patients annually, performing more than 13,000 deliveries per year and conducting more than 450,000 obstetrical, preventive, and gynecological visits yearly. WCF has 67 outpatient locations across Florida. WCF providers have privileges at 13 hospitals and are in-network with the major insurance companies. WCF was founded in 1998 by a small group of OB/GYN physicians. The organization has grown tremendously through the years by remaining true to its mission – “Improving the Lives of Women Every Single Day.”

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Using patient survey companies for better and improved services

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It is important to make sure that you are going to give the best service possible when you have a practice or you are management of a medical institution. There aren’t many ways to know for sure that your service that you delivered is of a high quality and if patients are satisfied. This is why it is essential to use all the tools that you can get.

The one thing that you can use is to make use of patient survey companies to make it possible for patients to write reviews about the practice or medical institution. This way, other patients and you, will know exactly what services can be improved. Here are how using this service can ensure for a better and improved service:

Able to cut out problem areas in the practice

One of the most essential reasons why health care surveys are essential is so that it makes management aware of problem areas. This will make sure that they are able to cut all the problem areas out and to ensure that all patients are happy and satisfied.

These might be small problem areas, but that can grow into large problems if management doesn’t know about the problem. The only way to be aware of this problem is to let patients fill in the surveys about the service and overall experience that they had.

Ensure that patients are satisfied at the practice and with your service

With the patient feedback survey, you will ensure that the patients are satisfied at the practice and with your service that you delivered. It is essential that you know if your patients are satisfied with the service you gave, and if they will return when someone is sick again.

It also give new patients an idea what they can expect from the practice or medical institution and if they want to go there for their first appointment. It can be hard and frustrating to choose a medical institution or doctor to go to, when you are new in town. Or, when someone is truly, seriously ill and needs immediate attention.

Be able to give the patient a say about what they want to see changed at the institution

There aren’t many medical institutions and medical practices that are giving a say to their patients about what they want to see add to the practice. Maybe there is an added service that they want at the practice or something that they might need to make them more comfortable while waiting.

The only way that you can give your patients a say, is to make use of the patient satisfaction surveys and to let them know that they can say the truth about how they feel and what they want to see added. When you can provide services that patients want to see, it can ensure that the practice grows and becomes more successful.

Make sure that new patients will know that this is an institution that they can use without any problems

When a family member is extremely ill, the last thing that you want to worry about, is if the medical institution that you are going to use,is going to give you problems or not. Without the patient survey companies, you will not know if this is the right place for your ill loved one.

These companies are giving all practices and medical institutions the chance to deliver a high quality service that patients needs. Especially, when you are worried about a loved one. Then, you don’t have the strength or time to struggle with an institution that doesn’t really care about their patients and that are delivering a bad service.

There are many positive things that health care survey can bring to a medical practice or institution. Benefits that will make it easier to become successful and to ensure that you know what patients are looking for in a practice. This is also going to make it easier to identify problem areas in the practice that are making the patients go to other doctors. With this software, you are basically giving a say to your patients to give them a change to let you know if they are recommending your practice to other patients or not.

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Patient Acquisition and Retention

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PatientTrak’s industry leading set of patient satisfaction solutions including Visit Flow, Online Reputation Management, and Patient Engagement bring visibility to your process and patient experience like no other company can.

Brand Building – No other company can help you build you brand and turn consumers into satisfied patient like PatientTrak. We improve your:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Profile listing accuracy and completeness

Online reputation

Patient feedback process

Patient flow

“No show” rate


Patient engagement

Patient experience

Patient satisfaction

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Healthcare Online Reputation Management

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In 2014, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a study showing 59% of American adults said online ratings were important to their decisions about provider choice. Furthermore, one-third of those patients said their choice was affected by positive reviews, and another 37% said they avoided doctors due to negative reviews.

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PatientTrak Integrates With HME Wireless Systems

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PatientTrak is pleased to announce that we now seamlessly integrate with HME Wireless systems. This new technology allows PatientTrak users to send the same text messages to both mobile phones and HME Wireless Smart Call Pagers using our unique patient satisfaction platform. While most patients have a mobile smart phone this new integration enables our customers to offer pagers to patients/family members as a means of communicating status information during their healthcare visit. Existing HME Wireless healthcare customers can also take advantage of this new offering.

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Pricing – PatientTrak

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PatientTrak Visit Flow solutions are offered via a subscription based, “Software as a Service (SaaS)” pricing model, generally ranging from $395.00/month to $795.00/month, in total, depending on the number of users accessing the application. All start-up, implementation, training, and support costs are included in the low monthly subscription.

PatientTrak Online Reputation Management solutions are also offered via subscription and are priced based on the total number of physicians and locations the client wants to track, monitor, survey and manage using these tools.

The system consists of software modules and can be customized for your application. You only pay for the features you need yet have the ability to grow the system should your needs change.

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Services about Patient flow software that you must know

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It can be frustrating and hard to manage patients. Especially if you have many patients to look after. There is so many different software that you can buy for managing patients, but because of the lack of knowledge or experience of these software, people tend to not use the software.

This is why it’s really important to make sure that you know about the patient flow software that you can get on the market. When choosing a software for your patients, you need to know the services that you should look for. Here are a couple of these services that you can get from this type of software.

Real time patient tracking

Struggling with files and white paper is frustrating and a waste of time. If you are switching to one of the best software for patient flow management, you are able to know the telephone numbers, and other patient information without struggling to get the file.

It will be online and ready to access, without wasting any time. This is something that’s making a practice so much easier and more efficient.

Text messaging features

Some of these reliable and great software will be able to manage your waiting room so much easier. These patient flow software is sending text messages to patients and waiting family members of patients to make the frustration in the waiting rooms less.

It will remind the patient about the appointment, and the time. It will also alert the patient if there are any delays in the waiting room and when they should arrive at the waiting rooms.

Private and secure

The one thing that most people are afraid of, is the fact that confidential information about the patients might be leaked out.

If you are using a software that has great services, also will mean that the software will be private and secure. There is no chance that anyone can access these patients information without the correct passwords and other log-in details. This is one of the reasons why you should only make use of the best patient flow software and not just go for the cheap, or free versions.

Getting training to work software

If you are switching to this new system, you and your personnel need to learn how to use the software correctly. This is to avoid any frustration.

The great thing about using the best, and most reliable software, is the amount of training that is available for working this software correctly. And, there will always be some assistance when you have any trouble with the software.

There are many doctors that are still using the old filing systems for their patients. And, this isn’t actually necessary anymore. There are some new and better ways to update their systems. By making use of patient flow software, you will be able to access any patient’s information without any problems or without wasting time. There are many services that you need to know about investing and using the best software. By looking at the services that these software has to offer, will give you an indication if this is a trustworthy software or not.

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