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Improving Patient flow with using software

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The one thing that we all hate, when we are going to a medical facility is the wait. It can take forever to get to see the doctor or to get the medical procedure done. Especially, in doctor practices.

However, for most medical facilities there are a solution to ensure that your patients are satisfied and not waiting for hours. This is known as the patient flow software. This software is ensuring that patients knows how busy the facility is and how long they are going to wait to get assistance. There are some other benefits also that your facility can have, when you are making use of this type of software. These are some of the reasons on how this software can improve patient flow:

Be able to see when your procedure is and get reminders

The facility will be operating a lot better with the patient flow management software. This is because patients will be able to see when their procedure is and when they need to sign in for the procedure.

It is also sending reminders to the patients for the time that they are booked for the specific procedure so that the patient doesn’t get the time wrong or forget about the appointment.

Patients will know the waiting time and how behind the facility is for the day

Sometimes a waiting room of a practice can be over crowed. This might be because the doctor had an emergency and is behind schedule. With using the software, the practice will be able to improving patient flow. This is because patients will be able to see that they are behind schedule. And, that their appointments were moved with an hour or so.

This means that the waiting room will not be crowded anymore and there will not be any inpatients patients waiting to see the doctor.

Register patients easier and more efficiently

Registering a new patient can take up a lot of time. Especially, if the facility is busy and there isn’t time for sitting and filling in forms.

When the facility is making use of the patient flow analysis software, it will be a lot easier to register patients and to do this more efficiently. Cutting the workload of the personnel in half.

Will be able to handle patients faster and will have less phone calls

If your medical facility is making use of the best and highest quality patient flow software, your personnel will be able to handle patients a lot faster and there will be less phone calls. There will be less phone calls because they can see online when the doctor is available and they will be able to make their bookings online.

There is even software that are sending out reminders if medication has arrived at the practice, for those that are using chronic medication. Patients will be able to book their appointments online and they will be able to see what type of procedures can be done at the facility. They will also be able to see if this is the right type of medical facility that they are considering going to.

Patients will be able to lay complaints with this software

With the best patient flow management tool, your patients are able to lay any complaints that need immediate attention. This way, you will know where to improve with the facility so that patients are more satisfied and that the facility has the best chance of growing and becoming successful.

You might not really know what the patients are thinking about the facility and if there are somethings that they want to chance at the facility. With this software, you will know exactly what the patients are thinking and will know if there is anything that needs to be changed.

patient flow analysis is essential if you want to have a medical facility that are known as the best facility that are running smoothly and where the waiting area isn’t always packed. There are so many medical facilities that doesn’t use this software yet, and their patients aren’t able to know what is going on at the facility, and how behind schedule they might be for the day. They will also not be able to make any appointments or getting reminders about the appointment that they might have.

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PatientTrak Selected as a Member of the GE Healthcare Centricity™ Partner Program

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PatientTrak platform now compatible with Centricity EMR to provide patient relationship management

Lumin Medical LLC, a leader in patient satisfaction solutions, announced that its PatientTrak Software is one of 14 approved solutions in the GE Healthcare Centricity Partner Program. PatientTrak successfully completed all of the integration testing and is now officially compatible with Centricity. GE Healthcare’s Centricity Practice Solution customers can be assured that PatientTrak will work within their facility and that the combined solution will enable a host of new applications and benefits for their staff and patients.

“We are very excited to have PatientTrak as a Centricity Partner,” said Neeti Gupta, Director of ISV Marketing Programs at GE Healthcare. “Our customers are requesting solutions to improve their patient satisfaction. PatientTrak helps to meet this need,” Gupta said.

PatientTrak provides a suite of cloud-based solutions that help to monitor, measure and improve patient satisfaction including:

Patient Tracking – Improve patient flow, staff communication and workflow

Sign-in Kiosk – Patient sign-in touch screen, show wait time, patient queue, English/Spanish

Display Wait Time – Real-time wait information on your clinic website and ability to allow your patients to check in from the web

Text Messaging – Send status updates to staff, patients and family members

Appointment Reminders – Helps patients stay on track and also maximize revenue

Review Site Monitoring – See all your providers’ online reviews/ratings in one viewpoint
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Patient Satisfaction Surveys – HIPAA compliant survey service allows for automated same day patient and location surveying by group and affiliate with customized surveys and high yield

Survey service also identifies practice advocates and encourages them to provide online reviews

Provider Transparency – Publishing survey results and testimonials directly to the practice website improves SEO and drives more traffic to physician webpages

“PatientTrak, when combined with Centricity Practice Solution, creates a complete patient relationship management platform that includes Visit Flow, Online Reputation and Patient Engagement services,” said James Hermann, President and CEO of Lumin Medical. “We look forward to bringing PatientTrak to GE Healthcare’s Centricity Practice Solution customers and helping them significantly improve their patient satisfaction,” Hermann said.

PatientTrak is the leading, HIPAA compliant patient feedback solution in the healthcare industry with services and software that deliver flow analytics, automated patient satisfaction surveys, brand marketing analytics, and integrated physician performance publishing solutions. PatientTrak provides profile management and content tracking across all of the major physician review sites, including Healthgrades, Vitals, RateMDs, WebMD, Google, YP, Facebook, Twitter and Yelp. PatientTrak helps healthcare operational and marketing leadership better understand the patient experience, so they can take steps to improve it.

The cloud-based PatientTrak system is scalable and is being used in healthcare settings ranging from individual medical practices to the country’s largest health systems. It is available for a low monthly subscription and does not require the purchase of any other software or hardware.

All PatientTrak components offer reporting capabilities that enable healthcare facilities to monitor and improve patient satisfaction levels.

Free trials and online demos of PatientTrak’s technology are available. For additional information go to, email or call 1-888-766-2862.

About Lumin Medical LLC

Headquartered in Franklin, WI, Lumin Medical was founded in 2014. Lumin’s flagship product, PatientTrak, is a cloud-based patient satisfaction platform that includes Visit Flow, Online Reputation and Patient Engagement services used by healthcare organizations to reduce wait times, build their brand, and improve patient satisfaction.

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See the amount of patients that are satisfied and which patients aren’t satisfied

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When you are installing and using the software, you are going to be able know which patients are really satisfied with the service and practice, and which patients are satisfied with the service. This will not only give you an indication on what you can do for improving patient flow, but it will also make sure that you are aware about the problems that the practice might have that are affecting the amount of new patients that are coming to the practice or hospital.

With using this software, you will have a clear indication about the amount of patients that are satisfied over the amount that aren’t satisfied. This is essential to know, especially if you don’t know why your practice doesn’t grow.

Know exactly what is going on at the medical institution, without being there for the first time ( patients)

The potential new patients will know what is going on at the medical institution, and if they can trust the institution without being there. This is something that more and more patients are doing, to ensure that they are using the right type of institution for medical assistance.

Without the patient flow software, patients will not be able to search the internet for some information about the medical institution, and they will not attend it. Not even to see what it is all about and if the practice or hospital can be trusted. If you want to stay with the latest technology, this is software that you should consider. This is the only way to have a growing hospital or medical practice.

There are some great things that you can expect when you are using the tracking tools for improving patient flow. This is also a great way to ensure that you practice is growing and that you have a lot of satisfying patients and that they are willing to make sure that the potential new patients are also considering going to the medical institution, it doesn’t matter if this is a hospital or a medical practice. This software is something that every medical institution should consider, if they want to have a successful hospital or practice.

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Improving patient flow with the best tracking tools

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There are many benefits of using tracking tools to ensure that your practice or hospital is going to have more patients coming there. There are many medical institutions that are already making use of this software.

However, there are still some of the medical practices that don’t make use of these medical institutions, because you don’t know what they are going to get when investing money in patient flow software. There aren’t many information online, about what the practice or hospital is going to get from using the software. With these information, every doctor, medical practice and even hospitals will know why this is something that is recommended for every single medical practice for better patient flow.

Staying updated with technology and staying with your competition

When you are considering investing in the patient flow management software, you are going to make sure that you are staying updated with technology. In the world that we are living today, there are no room for any business, medical institutions included, that aren’t staying updated with the technology. Especially, if your competition is updated with technology and using this technology to the advantage of the business and practice.

By investing in this software, you are going to update your practice and make sure that technology is working with you to improve your practice and to assist in growing your business, with satisfied patients.

Know what patients are looking for in a practice, and what might be wrong with yours

Not only will this software make sure that you are going to have to improve patient flow to your practice, you will also be able to know what patients are looking for in a practice and doctor. And, if your patients is using the software, you will also know what might be wrong with your practice and why you are losing patients, if your practice isn’t growing.

If you don’t know what is wrong with the practice, you will not be able to make sure that you are improving the practice or hospital. And, this is what you are going to get from investing and using the software.

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Improving patient satisfaction through efficacious communication with patients

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Patient satisfaction is an essential element of continuous caliber improvement, and patient communication is the key component.  It is the cornerstone of how we interact with individuals. An efficient communication helps individuals understand each other better to provide quality outcomes and bring them close to one another. Most research indicates that ineffective or lack of communication between the patients and the healthcare physicians or among the team members is one of the factors leading to patient harm, clinical discrepancies, incomplete or faulty exchange of information, occurrence of medical errors that may result in patient death and dissatisfaction among the patients. Implementation and intervention strategies provided by the healthcare provider help in preventing adverse patient outcomes.

At PatientTrak we work with our esteemed clients to provide services that will meet and improve your healthcare patient satisfaction. Improving the patient satisfaction and experience through communication is important to the patient and in an evaluation based payment model that help affirm the healthcare facility in the future. The essential elements constituting to patient satisfaction include:

Expectations: Patient satisfaction in the healthcare increased when you provide an opportunity to share their story expectations and needs.

Decision making: This helped improve healthcare patient satisfaction when essential of their mental or social officiating along with their physical operations is acknowledged. Each patient should empathize their risk of a contrary result to make an informed decision on whether to move forward or not.

Communication: Patient satisfaction through communication improved when staff clarified data and made the issue more important and tried to enhance communication through each individual understanding by giving different choices to make. Allowing patients to communicate effectively and freely ensure medical patients are satisfied at all times.

Hospital team: The patient first concern is their practitioners and the hospital group where they work. The patient will quickly approach happy health provider to enquire or share whatever they have in mind unlike those who are moody.

Continuity of Care: When the patient receives continuing intensive care from the health care provider the healthcare patient satisfactions also improves. Most patients measure the communication between the nurses and physicians to evaluate the care they are getting. Comprehended lack of communication between the hospital nurses and the doctor depicts an image to some image believing that they are getting inadequate care because normally that’s what happens when there is no communication between them.

Control: When the patients are given a chance to express their expectations, concerns or ideas patient satisfaction also improves.

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Case Studies – PatientTrak

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PatientTrak visibility solutions are used in a wide variety of applications across all medical specialties including outpatient centers, laboratories, medical offices, oncology, radiology, surgery, emergency, transplant, rheumatology, diagnostics, dermatology, urgent care and many others.

Here are a few case studies on how our customers use PatientTrak:

Type: Large academic medical center and healthcare delivery system

Specialties Using PatientTrak: Emergency, Main Admissions, Cancer Center, Transplant, CT, EMS, Radiology, Pediatrics, Heart Institute, others.

Applications: Patient tracking, flow management, kiosk check-in, text messaging, billing/processing, public screens, dashboard, advanced metrics/reporting, schedule integration.

Patients Served by PatientTrak: Over 4000 patients daily

Type: Diagnostic laboratory company affiliated with large health systems: Advocate Health Care and Aurora Health Care

Installation: Over 35 patient service centers and outpatient laboratories in the greater Chicago area.

Applications: Patient tracking, Patient  flow management, kiosk check-in, custom reporting.

Patients Served by PatientTrak: Over 1500 patients daily

Type: Large academic medical center and healthcare delivery system

Installation: PatientTrak is installed in five Methodist Hospitals in the greater Houston Area. Deptartments using PatientTrak include: Emergency, Main Admissions, Outpatient Admissions, Cancer Center, Pulmonary, CT, MRI, Xray, Surgery, Radiology, others.

Applications: Patient tracking, scheduling integration, flow management, kiosk check-in, text messaging, reporting.

Patients Served by PatientTrak: Over 2000 patients daily

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PatientTrak Announces Dashboard Analytics

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As the leader in patient flow and visibility solutions, PatientTrak offers a complete, real-time dashboard analytics tool so you can monitor your operations at a high level and keep key metrics in focus.



Users set up data elements and reports that they can view in real-time to monitor their patient flow and staff effiency.

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