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Healthgrades Policy Change

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As of October 1, 2017, Healthgrades will no longer permit health care entities to assign 3rd Party Administrators as a provision of their Data Licensing Agreements with Healthgrades, nor allow said 3rd Parties to manage provider profiles on

This means that going forward, doctors and their practices (healthcare entities) will have to manage their profiles and respond to reviews directly with Healthgrades. We (3rd Party Administrator) will no longer be allowed to provide this service to you our clients.

The only exception to this new policy is if you become a Healthgrades Premium client. Should you choose to become a Healthgrades Premium client, PatientTRak could continue as your 3rd party administrator.

Please note that this change is a result in a change in Healthgrades policy not ours. Please contact your Account Manager for more information on Healthgrades Premium.

We recommend that you claim and manage your Healthgrades profiles as this will allow you to maintain their accuracy going forward. Claiming and managing them yourself will not cost you any additional fee.

Lumin Medical/PatientTrak will continue to provide profile listing management for: Google, Bing, Apple Maps, Vitals, Yahoo, Web MD, UCompareHealth and RateMD’s.
Please contact us with any questions as we are here to help guide you through this Healthgrades policy change.

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What physicians need to know about the patient tracking software

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There are still many practices and physicians that don’t make use of the Internet and reviews to ensure that their patients are satisfied and that new patients are aware about the service that they can expect from the practice. This can make it harder to run a practice and to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

This is why physicians and hospitals need to make sure that they are going to consider making use of the patient tracking software and the review management software. This is the only way that you as the doctor can make sure that all patients are satisfied and that your practice is growing. Here are a couple of things that you should consider, and know about this type of software, so that you can see the importance of using it.

The importance of using the software


The most important thing of having this software and making sure that the patients are writing the reviews is for improving patient satisfaction and to make sure that your practice is growing as much as possible.

Most physicians think that it is just another way of a company making money, but there are really some important reasons why this software should be considered. The Internet is growing and is getting better and better and more people are using the Internet to purchase a product or to find a service. And, if you don’t make use of this software, the changes that your practice will grow is slim. Other practices that are using the Internet will be growing and becoming more and more successful.

Will negative reviews hurt the practice?

One of the reasons why doctors don’t really want to make use of this type of software, is because they are afraid that any negative reviews will hurt the practice and will ensure that new patients don’t come to the practice.

However, this isn’t the truth. One negative review will not prevent patients from coming. You will know what the practice is doing wrong and by improving that, you are going to improve patient satisfaction. And, this will ensure a successful practice.

What you need to do with the information that you are getting from reading the review

By just purchasing and installing the software, you aren’t done with reviews and information patients are writing on the site using the patient tracking software. There are many things that you need to do with these reviews.

First of all, you need to read the reviews and make sure that you are going to know if there are any negative comments. You should also answer any questions that patients might have asked, using the software. And, if there are any negative comments, you need to make sure that you are going to make that mistakes right and that you are increasing the satisfaction of your patients. It will not really help when you have the review software, but you aren’t reading it or make the changes to the practice and the service you are delivering.

Benefits of using the best patient tracking and review software

There are more benefits in using the software than just having the best chance to improve patient satisfaction. If you are doing a bit more research, you will find that there are many reasons and benefits about using this software that will ensure that your practice and service is going to improve. It will also mean that patients will get to know your practice, even before they have visited it for the first time.

This will also make sure that you can improve the problems that patients might have to report on the site, so that you can ensure that the satisfaction of the patients are improving and that you are getting more positive reviews.

A physician’s practice is just like a normal business. You need to make use of reviews in order to grow and to become more successful. There are many things that you need to know about the software, so that you can know which software to choose and why you should read the reviews to ensure that the software is really successful. It is important to ensure that you are improving patient satisfaction, if you want to have a practice that is growing and that are well known in town.

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Oaklawn Hospital Group Selects PatientTrak for Online Reputation Management

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PatientTrak is pleased to call Oaklawn Hospital Group our customer!  Using PatientTrak, Oaklawn is now able to monitor all of their online reviews on sites like Google, Healthgrades, Vitals, RateMDs and others to measure their patient satisfaction.

PatientTrak is also keeping all of Oaklawn’s profile listings accurate and up to date so that their patients access the correct physician and location information online.

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PatientTrak Partners With Kiosk Group

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PatientTrak is pleased to announce our partnership with the Kiosk Group Inc. to provide our customers with complete kiosk hardware and software solutions.  The PatientTrak kiosk software can run on any touch screen device with Internet access, however, the mechanical hardware component is very important depending on lobby space and patient needs.  Kiosk Group offers a wide range of hardware solutions including Ipad and other flat screen computing options to meet the demands of the healthcare market.


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Patient Flow Analysis

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When you are going to do research about buying the patient flow analysis software, you will see that you can buy two different types of software. The one is could based, where an outsider is handling and maintaining the software for you, and the other one is local hosting. This is where your personnel are handling and maintaining the software.

Both these options are great, depending on what cloud host you are going to use and what type of software you are going to buy for local hosting. You should make sure that when you are choosing the cloud based hosting, that your patient’s information will stay secure and private.

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Case Studies – PatientTrak

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PatientTrak visibility solutions are used in a wide variety of applications across all medical specialties including outpatient centers, laboratories, medical offices, oncology, radiology, surgery, emergency, transplant, rheumatology, diagnostics, dermatology, urgent care and many others.

Here are a few case studies on how our customers use PatientTrak:

Type: Large academic medical center and healthcare delivery system

Specialties Using PatientTrak: Emergency, Main Admissions, Cancer Center, Transplant, CT, EMS, Radiology, Pediatrics, Heart Institute, others.

Applications: Patient tracking, flow management, kiosk check-in, text messaging, billing/processing, public screens, dashboard, advanced metrics/reporting, schedule integration.

Patients Served by PatientTrak: Over 4000 patients daily

Type: Diagnostic laboratory company affiliated with large health systems: Advocate Health Care and Aurora Health Care

Installation: Over 35 patient service centers and outpatient laboratories in the greater Chicago area.

Applications: Patient tracking, Patient  flow management, kiosk check-in, custom reporting.

Patients Served by PatientTrak: Over 1500 patients daily

Type: Large academic medical center and healthcare delivery system

Installation: PatientTrak is installed in five Methodist Hospitals in the greater Houston Area. Deptartments using PatientTrak include: Emergency, Main Admissions, Outpatient Admissions, Cancer Center, Pulmonary, CT, MRI, Xray, Surgery, Radiology, others.

Applications: Patient tracking, scheduling integration, flow management, kiosk check-in, text messaging, reporting.

Patients Served by PatientTrak: Over 2000 patients daily

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Patient Flow Management

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Managing patient flow is critical to patient satisfaction.  PatientTrak offers patient flow solutions which can be used in any healthcare setting needing to manage the patient flow process.  Our solutions are used to visual flow, identify bottlenecks and help facilities improve patient flow.  From single provider practices to large hospital groups, to multi-facility healthcare organizations, our systems are both affordable and scalable.

Health Clinic, Outpatient, and Hospital Unit Patient Tracking System – Import appointments from your scheduling system and track user defined “activities”, such as check-in time to treatment time, for example.

Registration, Patient Tracking, and Productivity System – Manage the registration process effectively. Identify the average time it takes to register patients and track which resources are registering patients more efficiently.

Emergency Department, Walk-In-Clinic, and Urgent Care Center Patient Tracking System – As patients arrive they are entered into the PatientTrak system, immediately recording wait time, chief complaint, and status.

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