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WebMD is Here!

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PatientTrak now supports WebMD for reviews and profile management. We recently completed a study of normal patient search patterns to determine the most highly ranked healthcare review sites.

One of main conclusions from the study is that WebMD has emerged as one of the most important sites in the online reputation market. In 66% of searches, WebMD appears in the top five results, and has prominence in overall Google first page real estate.

In response to this new information, we have added WebMD to our software platform at no additional cost to our customers.

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Patient reviews of doctors : Guide for patients

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It is important for doctors to know what type of reviews their patients are going to give them. And, they are using some of the best software to ensure that this is getting done. However, in order to let this software work correctly, you as the patient needs to be able to write the reviews correctly.

This is why you need to know as much about patient reviews of doctors as possible, so that you can ensure that your doctor is getting the right type of review. Even, if you weren’t satisfied with his service, and you want to warn other people about the service you’ve got. Here are a guide for patients on how to use the patient review software correctly, and other information that might come in handy:

How does this software work?

There are many patients that don’t use the physician review management software, because they don’t really know how it works and why they should use it to review their doctors or the hospital.

The software is basic and you will not have any problems using it. The patient is just going online and get to doctor’s website. There you will find the review software that you are going to use to rate and to write a review about. The review doesn’t need to be just a positive review. Anything that might have bothered you can be written.
Managing patient flow is essential to patient satisfaction. PatientTrak offers patient flow solutions which may be employed in any attention setting desperate to manage the patient flow method. Our solutions ar wont to visual flow, determine bottlenecks and facilitate facilities improve patient flow. From single supplier practices to massive hospital teams, to multi-facility attention organizations, our systems ar each reasonable and ascendable.

Health Clinic, Outpatient, and Hospital Unit Patient trailing System – Import appointments from your planning system and track user outlined “activities”, like arrival time to treatment time, as an example. Manage area usage by characteristic those rooms that ar under/over utilised. Set manual or automatic alerts and generate custom reports for analysis of patient flow. commonplace reports embrace Average Wait & Treatment Times, Peak Times by space, Time Between Activities, and more.

The importance of using this software to review doctors and practices

There are many reasons why patients should write patient reviews of doctors. This is more than just to let other people know what you are thinking about the doctor, and your overall experience at the practice.

For starters, it is giving the doctor an idea what their patients are thinking and feeling about the practice, so that they can make improvements. They are also not normally knowing what is going on in the waiting area and if the staff is treating their patients correctly. The only way that they can make improvements, is if they are aware about what is going on and how patients are feeling.

What you are going to get from writing doctor’s reviews

There are a couple of things that you are going to get from writing reviews on physician review management software. The first thing is that you are going to be making sure that other patients are aware about the service you have gotten from the practice and from the doctor.
This will make it easier for them to decide whether they are going to use the practice or not. And, this will also make sure that if you are going to change doctors, which you are going to find a doctor and practice that are going to be a high quality doctor.

Are the reviews correct and honest?

There are many sites that we know is paying people to write positive reviews, and where just about anything is recommended. However, this isn’t the same with when you are using this software for writing patient reviews of doctors.

If you are looking for a new doctor to go to, you don’t need to be worried that the reviews have been bought and that the positive reviews were paid for. This isn’t how this software works, and the doctors or even hospitals can’t pay anyone to write these reviews. Making this review honest is reliable. This is also why you need to make sure that you are going to write honest reviews about the doctor and practice. The software will only work if the reviews are honest and truthful. Even, if there are a couple of things that you are not satisfied with.

Many patients don’t really like writing reviews, but before you say that you aren’t going to write a review of the practice and doctor you are using, you should think a bit. If you let the doctor know what is bothering you, he can change it and improve his practice. And, you are going to let other patients know if you are going to recommend the practice and doctor to other, new patients. This is really essential to consider using the physician review management software to write the reviews, if you are a patient. There are many other patients that will benefit from it.

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PatientTrak Selected as a Member of the GE Healthcare Centricity™ Partner Program

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PatientTrak platform now compatible with Centricity EMR to provide patient relationship management

Lumin Medical LLC, a leader in patient satisfaction solutions, announced that its PatientTrak Software is one of 14 approved solutions in the GE Healthcare Centricity Partner Program. PatientTrak successfully completed all of the integration testing and is now officially compatible with Centricity. GE Healthcare’s Centricity Practice Solution customers can be assured that PatientTrak will work within their facility and that the combined solution will enable a host of new applications and benefits for their staff and patients.

“We are very excited to have PatientTrak as a Centricity Partner,” said Neeti Gupta, Director of ISV Marketing Programs at GE Healthcare. “Our customers are requesting solutions to improve their patient satisfaction. PatientTrak helps to meet this need,” Gupta said.

PatientTrak provides a suite of cloud-based solutions that help to monitor, measure and improve patient satisfaction including:

Patient Tracking – Improve patient flow, staff communication and workflow

Sign-in Kiosk – Patient sign-in touch screen, show wait time, patient queue, English/Spanish

Display Wait Time – Real-time wait information on your clinic website and ability to allow your patients to check in from the web

Text Messaging – Send status updates to staff, patients and family members

Appointment Reminders – Helps patients stay on track and also maximize revenue

Review Site Monitoring – See all your providers’ online reviews/ratings in one viewpoint
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Patient Satisfaction Surveys – HIPAA compliant survey service allows for automated same day patient and location surveying by group and affiliate with customized surveys and high yield

Survey service also identifies practice advocates and encourages them to provide online reviews

Provider Transparency – Publishing survey results and testimonials directly to the practice website improves SEO and drives more traffic to physician webpages

“PatientTrak, when combined with Centricity Practice Solution, creates a complete patient relationship management platform that includes Visit Flow, Online Reputation and Patient Engagement services,” said James Hermann, President and CEO of Lumin Medical. “We look forward to bringing PatientTrak to GE Healthcare’s Centricity Practice Solution customers and helping them significantly improve their patient satisfaction,” Hermann said.

PatientTrak is the leading, HIPAA compliant patient feedback solution in the healthcare industry with services and software that deliver flow analytics, automated patient satisfaction surveys, brand marketing analytics, and integrated physician performance publishing solutions. PatientTrak provides profile management and content tracking across all of the major physician review sites, including Healthgrades, Vitals, RateMDs, WebMD, Google, YP, Facebook, Twitter and Yelp. PatientTrak helps healthcare operational and marketing leadership better understand the patient experience, so they can take steps to improve it.

The cloud-based PatientTrak system is scalable and is being used in healthcare settings ranging from individual medical practices to the country’s largest health systems. It is available for a low monthly subscription and does not require the purchase of any other software or hardware.

All PatientTrak components offer reporting capabilities that enable healthcare facilities to monitor and improve patient satisfaction levels.

Free trials and online demos of PatientTrak’s technology are available. For additional information go to, email or call 1-888-766-2862.

About Lumin Medical LLC

Headquartered in Franklin, WI, Lumin Medical was founded in 2014. Lumin’s flagship product, PatientTrak, is a cloud-based patient satisfaction platform that includes Visit Flow, Online Reputation and Patient Engagement services used by healthcare organizations to reduce wait times, build their brand, and improve patient satisfaction.

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Being able to see what people think of your competition

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It is important to know as much as possible about your competition. Most people think that a medical practice doesn’t have competition, but they do. And, it is important that you know what is going on at other practices.

Are they complaining about something that you can bring into your practice to get them to try yours instead of the competition? This is also a way of making sure that you are adding a service that your patients might want, that you don’t have in your practice. The only way that you can do that is with the physician review management.

Improve the service of your practice

Even medical practices need to have a good customer service. You are working with sick people that are really not in the mood for bad customer service. With the patient reviews of doctors, you can make sure that you are improving your service and giving your patients the service that they need that will make sure that they are returning to your practice.

And, that they are going to write a good review of the practice and the service that they received there. Making sure that you are getting more patients to treat.

When it comes to having a medical practice, it is still a business that you need to make successful. You also need to know where problems might lie within your practice. The only way that you can do that is with physician review management. With this type of management, you will be hands on about what is going on behind your back, and if your patients are really satisfied with you and your personnel’s service. This makes it easier to improve your medical practice and to make sure that you are getting more patients to treat.

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5 reasons for the physician review management

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There are so many things that business owners need to look at. And, this is the same for medical institutions and medical practices as well. This is the only way that they can make sure that they are going to make sure that they are making a success out of their business.

One of the things that they need to know about, is what people are thinking about their business. And, this is where the physician review management comes in. With this, you will know if people find problems with your practice or not. Here are five reasons why review management is important.

You can prevent more negative comments

By reading the patient reviews of doctors and your overall practice, you will know what is wrong with the practice and where people are complaining. Then you can take that comments and change the problem in the practice or clinic.

Meaning that you can prevent more negative comments from happening. The more people are commenting on your practice, good or bad, the better you can make the experience for your patients. Improving on the problems and attending to complaints.

You will know what is going on in your practice

As a doctor, you are just working with the patients in the doctor’s room. What is going on in the waiting area is unknown. Most doctors don’t have a clue if their patients in the waiting room are satisfied with the service or not.

With physician review management, you will be able to know what is going on in your practice and you will know if there is any problems that you need to know about. Or, if there are a personnel that doesn’t treat your patients the way you thought they do.

You can become part of the conversation

The great thing with patient reviews of doctors, is that you can comment back and become part of the conversation. This will show your patients that you are really serious about giving them a better experience when they are coming to your practice.

And, if you are doing what you are promising them, when commenting back, you will show that you are a man of your word and that you are taking them seriously. It will show your patients that you are also human and that what they are saying is important to you. And, that you are taking what they are saying seriously.

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Let the practice see what patients are thinking about the practice and their service

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One of the last benefits of having patient reviews of doctors, is it is going to give the medical team at the hospital or the medical practice a good idea what the patients are thinking about the institution and if they are recommending the practice to other people.

And, if there are negative reviews, it is going to give the practice or hospital the chance to change the things that aren’t great at the practice to improve the service or conditions and to ensure that patients are more satisfied and able to give positive reviews.  Having negative reviews isn’t always a bad thing. It will ensure that the doctor can improve the service or to let the doctors know what is going on behind their backs with their administrative personnel.

Making the choice easier

When moving to a new town or city, the one thing that many people are struggling with is to find a doctor and hospital that are going to be best for them.

With the doctor rating reviews, it is going to give the new citizens a chance to find the best doctor and hospital for them where they can get the best possible service.

There are so many benefits and good reasons why patient reviews of doctors are so essential. Not only will it give the practice an idea what the patients are thinking about the practice, but it will give new patients an idea about what they can expect from the practice or hospital. There are many doctor practices and hospitals out there, and without these reviews, it is going to be hard to find a practice or hospital that has great customer service and that ensure that patients are treated fairly.

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Why is it beneficial to have patient reviews of doctors?

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How many of us has gone to a doctor or hospital and finds that it wasn’t the best experience? But, that it wasn’t because of the illness that you might have had?

This is getting more and more frequent that doctors and hospitals aren’t as great as what it was a couple of years ago. And, you can’t always search for reviews online to find the best doctor or hospital. However, there are some ways that you can get patient reviews of doctors online that you can use to find the best doctor in town. Here are some reasons why it is beneficial to read and to know reviews of doctors and other healthcare professions:

Can evaluate the medical practice as a whole

When you are going to ensure that your practice is getting doctor rating reviews, you are going to ensure that the whole practice is being evaluated.

Meaning that other patients will not only know what they can expect from the doctor on call, but they will know what they can expect from the whole practice. There are some practices out there that are having a great doctor, but the service of the practice isn’t really great. And, other patients, and the doctor should know this.

Patients know that they are going to the right practice for medical assistance

With patient reviews of doctors, patients are going to know that they are attending the right practice and that they will get the assistance needed to get healthy again.

There are so many practices out there that are only there for making money and not to ensure that all patients are treated fairly and to ensure that patients are getting healthy again. And, with these reviews, it will be a lot easier to know for sure that you are using the right doctor or practice. It will also give you as the doctor an idea what the patients are thinking about you and your medical practice.

Can get more, new patients to the hospital and medical practice

With the doctor ratings reviews, patients can tell online what they think about the medical practice and they will know they are going to get the right treatment at these medical practice.

This is going to tell potential new patients that they are going to the best medical practice and that they will not regret their choice. However, this is if you are only going to have a practice that is ensuring positive reviews and positive recommendations.

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